Charlie Haley

Charlie Haley, a musician and all around good fella, wanted an image to go with his new single. To go with the theme of the song, he wanted to know if we could come up with an image with him in the center of a storm, but that also showed his steadfastness in his faith in God. We bounced some ideas back and forth, and ultimately settled on the movie poster style image you see below.

Not going to lie. I'm jealous of that pompadour. 

This was a lot of fun, and because I'm me, I did most of my work in After Effects, which is great for working on photos incidentally. Here's another version.

This is a three light set up. A large Key to camera left (behind Charlie), a second large source for the green screen (metered a stop under Charlie). You can see the feet of a continuous LED light giving a nice rim light on the right side of him. Finally, a flex-fill to fill the shadows. TIP* if you want your images to POP always off-set your main (key) light. Then have your subject look toward that light. GET THOSE FLASHES OFF THE TOP OF YOUR CAMERA! 

We even did a mock up before shooting. 

Check out Charlie's music at