Fertility - Mercier Therapy



There was a point in my life that I felt God was calling me to quit working for the (very cool) production company I started at and branch out on my own. The day I quit, I received two phone calls, one of those was from Jenny Mercier who was interested in creating a documentary about her revolutionary holistic approach to women's health. This phone call was one that made me sure I was on the right path.

Fast forward five years, and here we are. Her film is now availble on these sites:

Amazon Video - amzn.to/2lCDorG

Please note that the film is currently incorrectly priced. This is an ongoing issue that we are having with Amazon. I’ve reached out and pricing should be updated by EOD

Google Play - bit.ly/2kVuNg1

iTunes - apple.co/2lr61Gr

Vudu - bit.ly/2kHX9z5

Microsoft Movies & TV - bit.ly/2miyQUB

We filmed all all over the Chicago land area, and creating this documentary was an unforgettable experience. If you know someone who is struggling with infertility or pelvic pain, Jenny Mercier may be the gentle solution. Find out more about Jenny and her work at www.merciertherapy.com