The Real Woodstock


The folks who manage the branding for Woodstock (who actually work for the city) are incredibly smart. I know this because chose one of the best outfits to brand their community.

The folks at A5 have done an amazing job with web, print, social, and video. If you take a look at their site, in ten seconds you understand your working with talent that understands verbal, and non-verbal communication. 

You get it. 

Good branding is 'getting it', with out trying to get it. It just works because it works. That's why we love love love working them. I've seen so many terrible marketing initiatives for communities and businesses (e.g. people), that missed the mark because they either tried to do the marketing themselves while doing their daily jobs (and were unable to give it the time it needs), or because they teamed up with the wrong people. Usually it's the latter. 

A5 are full of the right people. 

I will say however, we were not trying to make something look better than it is. Woodstock, is a very cool town. So much so, that I really honestly would want to move there. If you go there, you'll see what seems like the whole town come out to events. You'll hear them singing Christmas carols in December. They all seem to support a really good Farmers Market. You can buy things you'd actually want at their shops and eat amazing food at their restaurants. But more than all of that, the people are genuinely kind. I honestly felt like I was on the set of It's a Wonderful Life. 


And that's just it. When you have a great product (be it a town, service, or actual product) mixed with smart and great branding, people just get it.