We Believe in Fairdale

In 2015, an f4 tornado devastated the small town of Fairdale, IL. People lost their homes, memories, and some lost their lives. After the storm, we were blessed to go and film a video to help with fundraising and awareness.  The amazing thing was how much energy and joy the town's people had. Even though they'd lost so much, they had each other, and a hope to rebuild. 

This first video was scripted, but even still, we ended up pulling other townspeople in, as many as we possibly could, because this was their story as much as anyone's. I really wanted the video to connect with people, so the young girl that speaks, along with the montage of all of the people in the end, and even the girl wearing the 'small town' shirt, were all pulled in last minute. I really feel like this video wouldn't have had 1/2 the impact without them. 

Now, a year later, this town is still rebuilding. We were asked to create another video, this time catching people up on what has happened. 

We knew this video couldn't be long, and we had a lot of facts and figures to go through. So, I chose this animation style based on the message we needed to get across. Now, the Dekalb Long Term Recovery Corp has been able to use these videos for what we set out to in the first place - raising awareness and fundraising. 

If you'd like to help Fairdale get back on their feet, please go to their site and donate.