ACCULAB: A Company Like No Other

When we were approached by Acculab to create a promotional piece for them, we went through a few ideas before landing on one that really fit their branding. Chris Brundies, who owns Acculab, is very forward thinking, as is his staff (we worked closely with Chris, Joe Colton, and Matt Jordan). They're a unilateral company, and it was really nice working with a group whose employees felt empowered and part of a movement. There was this sense of 'mission' there. They're competing against these giant corporations, but the cool thing is, their product is amazing, and it's cheaper. If I could, I'd buy stock in Acculab. Someday, I'm sure Chris will write a book about creating an empowering work environment.

I wanted to try and capture that passion for excellence, and at the same time do something new and unexpected. The video itself is intended for direct marketing to Optometrists who would be using Acculab to create the lenses that go in glasses frames.  I always thought the optometrist herself was back there cutting the glass, but that's not the case. It's a team of people using incredibly sophisticated machinery, I felt like I was in a science fiction film just being in their lab.  Visual effects breakdown coming soon!

Evan Wise

My passion is seeing others come to the realization that God has made them with purpose, that He loves them deeply, and He has a plan for their lives! I want to reach the lost, serve and lead the found, and go through life with the mindset that I’m here to serve God to the best of my ability, until the day I die.