Meet Anomaly Video


Hi! My name is Seth Deming, and I started Anomaly Video. I really felt like I was supposed to do this, and after much prayer and an amazing conversation with my best friend, Anomaly Video was born. Before we were operating as Seth Deming Films, but I wanted a name that would allow the amazing people I work with to "own" the company too. Anomaly Video is not just about me. 

I believe that the work you do inspires the work you do. I want to create films that move people, and mean something. So, we make it a goal that every project does this on some level. That is our passion. The clips in the video above come from the past few years of reaching for that goal. 

Another passion I have is helping people find their own passions. Seeing others succeed in doing what they love is maybe my favorite thing ever. That's why Anomaly Video works well, we're  dedicated to seeing our clients succeed. It doesn't matter the industry or cause; we want to make something great that will be an amazing marketing and branding tool that will pay back dividends in growth. 

Anomaly's Mission Statement

On a quest to help people communicate with clarity and intentionally, Anomaly Video creates compelling content that removes barriers and engages the right people. In a sea of noise, our work is a clear voice.