50 Years of Handmade

This past month, we embarked on a new project with Brakur Custom Cabinetry! They came to us looking for a great video to help them celebrate 5o years in the business. After our meeting, we got a short tour of Brakur's shop. Long story short, we got really excited.

There is something to be said about seeing a product go from start to finish. Watching each employee contribute their part of the process, by hand, with precision, really gave us a sense of what makes Brakur cabinets look the way they do. (Which is amazing.)

We decided that the best way to move forward was to find a way to showcase each part of the process at Brakur. In order to do that, we wanted to be able to shoot at a speed that would really capture everything that was going on. 

We rented a Sony FS700, which is capable of shooting at 200fps. We also shot with our standard Cannon 5D Mark III.

Brakur was so much fun to work with! We loved being able to get a glimpse into what goes into making custom cabinetry, and more than that, we loved getting to know a number of their down-to-earth employees who really care about what they are making.