Behind the Scenes: "Today"

We filmed and recorded Charlie Haley's Today over three days.

The interior shots were all filmed at a local abandoned health clinic (we had permission) and the exterior shots were done at a forest preserve outside of DeKalb.

For the band shots we thought about going to Chicago, or Naperville, but decided that they would be best done in the clinic to tell this story of a girl trapped (by sin - as represented as the big brother/agent smith characters), until she's ultimately freed from the clutches of sin as God opens the door she cannot (to be fair, while filming it was actually Charlie standing behind it, ha!). The song itself is about God giving us new chances every day. Pretty amazing. But it was really fun! Charlie was super laid back and maybe the coolest guy I've ever met. Super humble, and kind.

We did end up filming in Chicago on the COLDEST DAY THAT MONTH for the water shots. Ayana (the main girl) is a hero for jumping off a ladder a million times. My GoPro has never been so cold.

Filmed in raw using a mark III with the fantastic magic lantern. I used gemini & diva lights, and vintage  (read lovely)  Takumar lenses. I covet the 85mm....

Enjoy, and of course please share!