Soddo Changes Lives

When we were first asked to do a short promo film for this ministry, I jokingly (sort of) asked them if I could go to Africa and film it properly. After a few months and a half-dozen inoculations, I was on my way to the main city Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. After a sixteen hour nap (which they apparently couldn’t wake me up from - I was tired after the fourteen hour journey) We had a six hour car ride down to Soddo.

Gosh. The team I was with was an amazing group of people who wanted to go and serve. It was a gift to spend that much time with them. I was only gone ten days total, but man, when you have young kids, wow. I was missing them like crazy!

I filmed a lot. Like 720 gigs of footage a lot. Now, I was mostly filming in raw, so that added to it, since 12 minutes of raw footage is about 64 gigs of data!

So many amazing stories though. There was this woman who lost five babies, went to Soddo, and had a healthy baby boy. If she hadn’t gone, the baby would have died! Astounding that I was able to capture the birth and then interview her and the doctor.

Hopefully, the video above gave you a taste of what the hospital is doing! If you’d like to donate click here: